Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Thanks to a giant Saturday pity party, complete with tears and gloomy weather, I managed to get lots of couch time. Couch time equals knitting time so for once I have something to show for my weekend. The sleeves of the baby sweater are ready to go. The second Kaffe Fassett sock is done and the Falling Leaves match is on the needles. Whew. I even managed a tiny bit of spin time but the loom is still gathering dust with a project that really, really NEEDS TO COME OFF. Problem is I just don't have the energy to put something back on and I hate the look of it when it is empty.

Note to family members: That is NOT a sweater for the baby shower we have this weekend. I would NEVER make that mistake twice!


  1. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder whose baby it's for, doesn't it?

  2. Never mind the damn sweater-you should be wondering who those ugly socks are for!

    BTW-The sweater is for Nelson's sister. She's having a girl.

  3. I love those socks - the colors are great! Wouldn't mind finding them in my stocking this year. Hint, hint. My little tootsies are smiling just thinking about them.