Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ebay is Full of Crap!

Let me apologize in advance for the amount of times I am going to use the word crap and its many variations in this post. I will explain....

Tonight while crashing on the couch in my usual after work stupor of TV surfing, I came upon a holiday commercial from one of my favorite online sites that left me completely dismayed. A guy is holding up a hand knit pair of mittens with a knitting granny in the background while pissing and moaning about the crappiness of handmade gifts. Now come on ebay, you sell me a lot of the crap I use to make those crappy handmade gifts. I was going to buy something from you tonight but I am taking my business to Etsy until you apologize for your crappy commercial.

So now what am I going to do with all those crappy socks I have been knitting as gifts? Ebay, you just ruined my Christmas, for crap's sake.


  1. Screw that, I want my socks! They're not crappy, they're cozy. Ebay got it all wrong and I think everyone should unite and not give those holiday buzz killers our hard earned money until they apologize for making Araignee feel like crap. Shame on you ebay.

  2. Send a complaint to their customer service. I am trying to stir up the half a million Ravelers to launch a protest of the crap heads too.

  3. Needless to say I went barking up the wrong tree. Imagine that.