Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween equals homemade doughnuts around here. Several Halloweens ago and only days away from her deathbed after a brief battle with a mighty evil leukemia, my mother managed to stagger out to the kitchen to whip up a plateful for the family that were gathering for the last goodbyes. Lingering swine flu or not, yesterday morning I hauled my semi-sick butt out of bed and managed a small plateful that tasted mighty good with a hot pot of cafe au lait because I knew she would expect me to. Love you, Mom. And if you were watching from somewhere out there, I hoped you noticed that I did NOT forget the fresh ground nutmeg this year. It does make all the difference.


  1. I can still remember the smell of mom's last batch she made. It's funny how certain things bring back such strong memories, and your picture just brought back a truckload. I'm glad you've kept her tradition going, and I'm really glad you had the sense to save her recipe. Thanks for sharing it with me, I hope I can do her proud.

  2. Now if we could only figure out her potato salad recipe!

  3. Yes figure out the potato salad recipe, I miss that about her so much!!