Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spending Away the Winter Blues

Sprawled across my messy desk are this week's accumulation of goodies. Nancy Bush's last book on Estonian lace has been quite a challenge for me to get my hands on. Amazon asked me if I wanted it way back in November and then after ordering it and waiting for several weeks, they told me it would take at least 3 months for it to be delivered. What's up with that? They asked me if I wanted it so I assumed they just might have a copy or two laying around.

These are my most recent fiber goodies. Some new Berroco sock yarn and some kinda-like Noro stuff that I hope will turn into one of those scarves. My color choices were not the best for that striped thingy everybody has to have but mine's probably just going in the ugly scarf pile anyway.
Lest you think I am wasteful, let me just say that I may have the only feral cat house in North America lined with handknit goodies. They never complain about the colors or the itch.

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