Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Got a Notion

There have been a lot of posts lately about what containers people use to hold their notions. Little mint tins seem to be the all time favorites but I have these dandy little boxes that are far superior. A parent of one of my students works in computers and these small transparent boxes hold a tiny whatchmacallit that are required in vast numbers. Once the whatchamacallits are removed from the little boxes they are tossed into the trash or gathered up and sent to their daughter's teacher (me) for recycling. The kids love them because they have a magnetic closure. They snap shut like an expensive purse. And stay shut no matter how many times you drop them. They put all sorts of weird things in them-the kinds of weird things only kids collect. I use them to house my billions of stitch markers. I buy them by the pound and seem to lose them by the ton. I was walking my dogs last week and on the wooded path behind my house, there in the tall winter grass, I found one. A tiny blue one that I recall popping off during a sock knitting walk last summer. True story.

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