Thursday, October 9, 2008

Money Troubles

I recently joined the 10 minute a day spinning group on Ravelry in order to inspire myself to finish a half bobbin of pink stuff that I started a very long while ago. I use up my obligatory minutes watching the news each night where I am taking a strange delight in the financial woes of the world. While I am greatly effected by the high price of necessities and the lack of any salary increases this year, watching these big banks tumble has been deeply satisfying. After spending years writing checks to these f@#*ers to pay off high interest rates that came from them claiming to have received late payments that we all know were not real, I am enjoying every minute of watching them squirm in front of the congressional hearings that should have taken place years ago. My immediate reaction to any personal financial troubles that may lie ahead was to economize- by buying a BIG smelly 2 pound bag of raw fleece off ebay. This monster pile of wool was a real bargain at $4.00! Now I only need a $400 drum carder in order to process the stinky stuff.

1 comment:

  1. That stuff looks so gross, I can't wait to see what beautiful things come out of that pile of yuck. I can see where your little puppy would just love to just roll around in it - the smells must be so inviting.