Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Fleece Chronicles Part One

Through a lot of really hard work the big $4 BAG of smelly wool has now been transformed into....a big PILE of smelly wool. I spent my entire Saturday scouring the stuff in everything in the house that could hold hot water. I started out in a tub outside but the water would not stay hot long enough to do its job so I had to carry it into the house for a soak in my bathtub. After all that washing and rinsing and washing and rinsing it still remains a very dirty pile of wool. It was not much fun trying to keep it all from slipping down the drain and spinning the excess water out in my little salad spinner took FOREVER. I can't believe how much wool this all turned out to be. It arrived here in a shoe box and now is spread out all over my living room floor to dry. My entire house smells like a barn. Keeping the dogs out has not been fun either. Every time I turn my back I find a dog toy in the middle of it. Sad part is that I am going to have to repeat this process again as I can clearly see now that all the grease was not removed. I am NOT however, going to try it again with the whole pile. I am going to pick through it and keep only the good bits and break it up into smaller bags so I can spread out all this fun.

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