Saturday, October 11, 2008

It Fits!

OMG! I actually knit something that fits. The Calorimetry hat/headband thingy is a very popular pattern for people who have way too much hair to fit under a hat. In order to cover my head in winter I either have to choose to have a lumpy head or let my hair hang down a la Morticia Adams which at my age is just not an attractive look. Sure it fits but I am not completely happy with the look of the thing. There are a series of holes that run down each side where the short rows are turned that look like mistakes in my wonky handspun yarn. My knitter's pride is having a hard time accepting these apparent flaws in the knitted fabric. I know they are supposed to be there but anyone else looking at my head will not. I have read there is a way to avoid those holes by wrapping the stitches so I suppose I am doomed to casting on another just to prove to myself it can be done.

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