Monday, June 16, 2014

World Class

 For Father's Day, me and The Sisters met over Daddio's for some takeout Chinese.

 There certainly was enough to go around.

 The Old Man enjoyed himself, something he hasn't done in a while. He's still in some kind of weird post-nursing home funk that's got us worried.

 Having lots of little hands and feet making lots of loud noises helped elevate his spirits.

 As did a win for Les Bleus. Daddio doesn't remember it but like me, he's a big World Cup fan. We had a great time together four years ago cheering on our favorites. We even bought the flags of the two final teams and hung them out on his porch. From where he is now, that seems like a very long time ago.

Earlier in the day I had started my World Cup knitting project. I am using that wonky Cormo/Silk handspun for a smallish triangle scarf that has a ruffly border. It's in linen stitch which is supposed to do wonders for crazy colored yarn but I have to say it's giving me fits. It's a fiddly stitch pattern and I can't ever remember where the yarn goes while slipping stitches. There's been a lot of tinking. Maybe I'll have better luck with it when I am not glued to the TV during a match. Maybe.


  1. Glad you could do a real family visit with your Dad today...
    The new knitting is looking gorgeous so keep going!