Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Alive!

 I was under the impression that my beloved fig tree had bit the dust over the winter. I couldn't stand looking at it anymore so I had convinced The Mister it was time to get his chain saw and take it down.

Well looky, looky. There are sprouts all over it! It's not completely dead after all. I am worried that another Polar Vortex type winter will really do it in so I better figure out a way to protect it. Any ideas?

 The only other thing I have growing outside this year is some cat grass. I grow it, they nibble it and then throw it up. I put it outside for some sun and water and it grows back again. This cycle has been repeating itself for a while now.

 My other pots are sadly empty. No herbs on the deck. No impatients in the front yard. Life is too busy to stop and smell the roses this year. Sigh.

I did find one more living thing out in the yard. Isn't she pretty? I'm not sure it actually is a she but it is so pretty in pink.


  1. how about wrapping the fig tree in the merino featherlight???
    Boxford Ellie

  2. I like the yarn bombing idea! You can add a deep pile of mulch around the trunk this Fall to be sure the trunk will survive this winter. It's a rosy maple moth!

  3. mach's new favorite appetizer: bacon wrapped Figs. Glad your fig tree isn't a goner. Moths are pretty, but I fear them in my knits! !I