Friday, June 27, 2014

Round of 16

 Whew....we made it through to the next round of play. It wasn't pretty but it is what it is.

My sad little Pleated Kerchief has been my companion during almost each and every game so far but honestly, I have to force myself to put on four rows during each half. I'm just not feeling it for this project but I am determined to soldier on.

I have hopes that it may turn into one of those projects that I hated to knit but I love to wear. I have no predictions as to what's coming next for Team USA with all these spectacular opponents ahead but it being the World Cup, I do believe-anything can happen.


  1. You can make it to the finish line with this's interesting what makes a 'good' knit and what does not!

  2. I do think you'll love it when its off your needles and on yoU!

  3. I really like the colors in your yarn. It will be fun to wear in the fall. I was knitting on my sock during the last USA game but had to stop because I couldn't concentrate. I need to find something else to knit for the next game. :-)