Monday, June 23, 2014

Bye, Bye Baby

 Number Two Son is heading off to a new job in Michigan so we gathered this weekend to say adios. Thanks to the wonders of technology we took the World Cup with us to do some outdoor grilling.

 It's been nice to have all the kids in one place for the past few years but all good things must come to an end.

 We will be losing the family cook.

 We'll just have to muddle through as best we can at family gatherings from now on.

 The parting feast was a work of art.

 It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

 We made short work of the meal.

 Dessert was healthy. When you mix vegans with the gluten free folk it almost has to be.

 Everything in it's season on this beautiful summer solstice evening.

 Our winter solstice baby was in good form in spite of just getting over a nasty virus. There were plenty of gymnastics.

 All us grownups knew that "shushu" was leaving-but baby doesn't. Good thing. He wouldn't like it at all.


  1. Moving away is hard on everyone. We raise them to be independent so it is great when they are but bittersweet, too. Thank goodness for Skype and txt!!!!

  2. awww, Im sad for you guys. It is hard to have our daughter 15 hours away in Virginia, but she is happy So we need to be

  3. That looks like a delicious way to say good bye!

  4. I'm sorry you guys are going to be further apart now, but from here your family and family dynamics seem pretty fabulous:) Your meal (with world cup outdoors!!) looks fantastic. I love the colors! If it tasted half as good as it looks, you guys had a good one.

  5. It's exciting and a bit sad when our children move away. It looks like you had a good time together and gave him a great send-off.

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