Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finishing School Drop Out

I had breakfast with You Tube on the Kindle this morning while I took a refresher course in finishing. I only finish a sweater every few years so I am always very rusty.

As this yarn is about half acrylic, I first gave it a steam blocking as recommended by someone or other in a video. I had never done this before and I thought it was pretty cool.

I began as you always do, with setting in the sleeves. It's tricky business as nothing really lines up or matches. I had to rip out these ugly first attempts many times.

When I finally got the stitches somewhat to my liking, I made it to the end only to discover I had more sleeve than body. That's bad.

I ripped it all out and lined it up again taking lots more sleeve stitches on the needle and it worked without making the sleeves too puffy.

Sewing the sleeves and side seams together is easier if you have learned to see knitting stitches and follow rows. I can't do either very well so there was lots of ripping back going on here as well. At least the color bands matched on the sleeves so that helped guide me along.

The colors didn't match up on the sides making it crazy hard to know where you were.

I had to enlist the help of everything I had that would hold those long seams together. It took a few tries but in the end I managed to come out fairly even on both sides. I did notice however that my front ribbing was not the same size as my back ribbing. Jeesh. I am such a rookie when it comes to this sweater stuff.

Sewing on that crazy shawl collar scared me to death but it went on pretty easy once I realized there was more neckline than collar. I only had to rip it back once.

Just when I thought I was done and it was time to celebrate I realized I had a lot of weaving in of ends to do.

Modern Lodge Pullover in Lion Brand's Amazing, Ruby colorway

It was a sunny day so I took the whole mess out on the porch and finished it off.

The mugshot shows clearly the issue that so many others had that I learned about too late. The sleeves are too wide. Mine are also too long but I can't blame anyone for that.
The final verdict is that the sweater is ho hum but I love the yarn. I think I will save up for another sweater's worth and make a simple seamless pullover out of it.


  1. You've just described why I don't do sweaters with seams. You had the patience to finish it! I do like the colours and the shawl collar is quite nice too.

  2. I really love that collar and the colors are so nice too. You should give yourself a big pat on the back for finishing it and not ripping it apart and throwing it off you deck.