Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Day in the Life: The Daylight Hours

What do I do all day? The time just flies by, so today I tried to document what a normal day looks like around here.
I always wake up hungry so amid the morning chaos, breakfast is first on the agenda.

After breakfast, I made some vegetable soup in the crock pot. If I don't cook in the morning, I don't cook. I hate making dinner. The act of playing with food when I am hungry is torture for me so dinner has to be something fast.

After cleaning up the kitchen, it's time for few minutes on the wheel while The Mister and I catch up on the news and have our usual morning chat over coffee (his) and tea (mine).

Then I spend a few minutes "blessing" the house. I promised The Mister when I retired that I wouldn't run the vacuum everyday so I have learned to love my broom and dust mop. We share our home with many furry things and even one giant feathered friend so there is always lots of things to clean up. I also live in a house without closets so everything has no place to go. The open space is nice but the lack of storage can make you crazy.

After everything is fairly tidy, I head off into the craft room with some more tea, to putter and catch up on one of my many neglected projects.

Today my attention was on a counted cross stitch sampler that I started last winter. It was supposed to be a bridal shower gift but now it is just a sad little UFO gathering dust and cat hair.

Lunch is usually a veggie hot dog and a piece of fruit. I am always in a rush to get back to whatever project I've been working on so lunch is a rather rushed affair.

After lunch, I go play with my fiber. I always have something that needs to be done in order to have something to spin the next day. Today it was cranking out more Corriedale.

I stop for more tea at 2. A few digestive biscuits keep me full until dinner.

Then it is time to knit. I put my feet up and do a few rows before I nod off for a brief nap. When I wake up, I finish the pattern repeat. It's no wonder I make so many boo boos.

If it is a sunny day, I try to get out for a walk in the woods behind the house before dinner. Yes, I knit while I walk. It is the only way to make sock blanks.


  1. Now I know how you get so much done! I seem to putter, but I don't get half as much done. Back to my lists! LOL

  2. Love the picture of knit walking. No time to waste!
    Veggie dogs...must give those a try.