Friday, March 2, 2012

A Day in the Life: Evening

After my walk, I head in to feed all the critters and chop up something for a salad. I won't cook at night but I will chop. Today I got to use my new ceramic colander. I wish I had bought two. I love it and I just know I am going to break it.

Dinner is eaten alone. The Mister eats late, too late for my tummy, so I eat what I want and put it away. I don't mind eating alone because the last one that eats has to do the dishes.

After dinner, I return to the craft room for some quilting. I have several quilts in progress. I listen to one of my many audio books while I work. I love

At 8 it is time for some TV. I say watch but I am really knitting all night so I rarely see what is on the screen. I usually watch whatever is on TCM. I love old movies.

Just as I was heading off to bed, I remembered that I had a sock I wanted to frog and restart. I ended the day listening to podcasts while getting it back on the needles. It was a Jaywalker, now it's just stripes.

So that's what a typical day looks like around here.
No wonder I am so tired all the time.

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