Friday, March 30, 2012

Father Knows Best

When Dad was helping me card the last batch of dyed locks we had a bag of odds and ends left so I let him play with them. He picked out some colors and carded away.Then he did something I rarely do-he recarded to get everything just right. I was surprised to see the depth of color he achieved. To top it all off, he weighed the resulting batts to see how much he had to make sure he made enough of it to be useful. Talk about a professional job. I should hire him to do all my carding for me.

I started spinning the results today and they are nice. Very nice. Too bad he picked such pretty lady colors or these would be a pair of surprise socks for him. The next time he plays with the carder, I am going to limit his color choices so I'll be sure to get something for a guy.


  1. Given the quilt colors your Dad chooses, and now the fleece...are you so sure he WOULDN'T like hand knit socks in these colors???? Just sayin'

    1. I think you are right. My sisters and I were just commenting on his love for pink. So socks they will be....