Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Third Times the Charm

I still have to cut those arm steeks and see if it all works. I am using bits and pieces of what I have learned from other sweaters to make Daughter's Knit Picks ornament sweater knock off. It barely fits me so I think the size issue has finally been resolved.

I used the Palette Cardigans sleeve steek technique but this worsted weight may prove too thick for turning under for the pick up and knitting of the sleeves. In a real Norwegian sweater the steek is tiny and you sew the arms right onto the cut edge. I am not that brave. I am going to use Eunny Jang's crochet technique and then fold in the facing to give me a clean edge. I hope it is not too bulky. The sleeve seam is not on the shoulder but down a few inches on the arm so I am hoping the weight won't be an issue. Issues I don't need right now. I have a deadline.

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  1. Did you check the quilt shops for your apron fabric? Probably a bit more expensive than the fabric stores though.