Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Much Fun

In January I was tired of stepping over the huge box that my new carder arrived in and wondering why on earth I bought the thing in the first place. Last Saturday I finally unpacked it and drug it outside and spent a happy hour or two trying to figure out how it works. After lots of false starts and bloody knuckles I finally managed to produce a single fluffy little batt using all the bits of roving I had leftover from earlier projects. It was fun running the thing over and over and adding different colors each time until I got the mix I wanted.

I was so excited by my little creation that I sat right there and used a drop spindle to spin up a bit of it. It was lovely to work with. The new batt was light and airy but at the same time strong enough to take being dropped. I can see a new obsession in the making so now the question is whether I can really add the drum carder to my living room decor. Spinning wheel, weaving loom and drum carder? I dunno.

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