Friday, March 6, 2009

A Real Heel

Painfully slow. That is how I would describe the progress on these socks. I thought it was the spin-as-I-go issue that was the problem but the real culprit is time. Socks are my on-the-go project and my on-the-go self has been constantly in motion these last few weeks. My world has become either too efficient (doctor's waiting rooms) or to stressful (work). The minute I take these babies out everything erupts into some crisis that I always need two hands to fix. I did manage to turn the heel last weekend. The end is somewhat near but that toe still seems very far away. Although so does next winter. If they were finished, they would just be doomed to be packed away in the next few weeks with the rest of the winter garb so they might as well spend the spring in the bottom of my bag waiting for those few spare moments that are sure to come.

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