Monday, December 22, 2008

O Aluminum Tree...

I love my little vintage Pom Pom Sparkler. After years of buying trees that we planted in our yard after Christmas we finally ran out of room. I found this little cutie 6 years ago on Ebay before they became chic again and won her in a fierce bidding war for $49. I do not have one of those colored wheel thingys. I prefer that she remains silver and have instead lit her from underneath with white twinkle lights and from within with a string of extremely tiny white lights I found at Ikea. I consider her my Barbie doll of trees as I take great joy in dressing her up for the holidays. Each year it is a challenge to put together a new look. This year I wanted to knit those little sweater and mitten ornaments to hang on her but got too late a start. I did add a set of glass penguins and nutcrackers to her wardrobe. It was impossible to get a photo. Here she looks kinda like a stick with junk hanging on it but in my living room she is glowing.

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