Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gift of Fat and Sugar

At 7 am I was in the kitchen creaming butter and sugar into every bowl I own. This year the cookie baking marathon was going to be organized. I made all the dough in advance, actually chilled them (a step I usually regard as optional) and had all the pans parchment lined and ready to go. I MADE myself wash each utensil as I used it cleverly avoiding the dreaded sink overload. Everything turned out yummy except the one pan of over browned sugar cookies that, although created unintentionally, are always my favorites. Everything is wrapped and ready in a sea of plastic including the chocolate truffles (yes, kids I said chocolate truffles). At 4 pm I am finally sitting down with a strong cup of tea to hopefully coax some of the sugar out of my system after sending several boxes off with the visiting Granddaddy who each year puts the jam in the coconut thumbprints.

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