Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's a Wrap

I hate wrapping presents. I am terrible at it. The ability to fold paper neatly is beyond me. Everything I wrap ends up looking like I am giving away pillows. Wrapping is messy. Stuff ends up stuck to me and everything around me. I know that I should be using gift bags and only gift bags but gift bags under a tree is just wrong. My grandmother had the right idea. Each year she would box up all her gifts and then invite everyone over for a wrapping party. The kids would wrap and the adults would do mysterious things that always involved whiskey sours and mistletoe. Because all the boxes were scotch taped shut, you never knew whose gifts you were wrapping. I never knew how she knew whose gift was whose but she always did. She departed this life at 11 am one snowy Christmas morning after suffering a stroke several weeks before, catching us all by surprise. Like Christmas, she was supposed to go on forever. I miss you Meme. If you are looking down, please forgive the mess I made of my gifts again this year. It's just never been the same without you.

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