Thursday, August 10, 2017

Playing Catch Up

 I was really bad over the weekend. Really, really bad. I even shocked myself at how bad I was. I bought something (a whole lot of something actually) that is just plain crazy and none of it was cheap.

 Here is a hint about what it might be. After I did the bad thing I felt guilty about this old project that was gathering dust in the sewing room.

I had a box of paper pieced wedding rings that needed finishing. I need to finish it. Soon.

I have one more row of rings to go for a lap quilt. It's actually just going to be 3 rings by 3 rings. I'm cutting it short.

I never finished mine because Daddio decided he wanted to make one too so I got worn out trying to work on mine and his. I've been appliqueing his rings down for a couple of years now. It's tedious work with all the color changes of thread.

 After I sorted it all out it took a minute to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. It's tricky. Sewing curves is always tricky.

 Soon I had an assembly line going.

 I feel better now. I think I may get this done in the near future if I put my mind to it. I know I won't get it done before the new things show up but I can at least try. The new project, mama mia-it's a doozy. I really need to have my head examined. Stay tuned.


  1. Amazing colors! This will be a beautiful quilt!

  2. Pretty pieces! You amaze me with everything you accomplish. Sometimes I read your blog and then feel like I need a nap! LOL

  3. Sometimes being bad lets off a bit of steam!
    The wedding ring quilt is going to be incredible; that is one pattern I have never tackled! (Did you ever try invisible thread by Sulky-no thread changes and it is a nice thread to work with unlike the early spools of invisible thread!!!)

    1. I just ordered some. Thanks for the info!!

  4. Well if the really bad expensive crazy thing you did forced you to get the old project done then it becomes a good thing. How's that for a philosophy...I'm an expert at good excuses for bad behaviorl. LOL

  5. So that's how you get those wedding rings on a quilt -- applique! I've long been mystified by this pattern. I don't know how you have the patience for such precise careful work. But the result sure makes it worthwhile!

  6. Well, my curiosity is certainly aroused! Your projects are always so interesting! I enjoy watching you work on techniques I've never tried. I love your blog because of that variety - always something different!

  7. But all those colors!!!! How COULD you resist.

  8. You are a skilled lady! I never knew you put things in the squares. Curves are always difficult for me; when I learned to turn a heel and it curved... it was like the most amazing thing I could imagine. hahah

  9. WOW! That is beautiful! I can't believe how much you accomplish. I spent more than I should have at the yarn store yesterday. We can fell bad together! :-)

  10. Gorgeous colors ! Sounds like you had fun. Being bad is good...sometimes.

  11. I've always loved wedding ring quilts!

  12. That is going to be one very amazing quilt!