Monday, October 23, 2023

One Day at a Time


You know you've let a project stay in time out too long when you have to dust it off. I finally took Number 23 down off the shelf and gave it a few rows worth of attention after I had The Mister tucked in for a morning nap.

The deal that I made with myself is that I only work on the mini advent sweaters while I'm watching an Arne and Carlos podcast. They haven't had many during the summer so poor #23 has languished. I watched the one where they introduced their new needle set. Of course I want it but thankfully it's no where to be found to buy. The last thing I need are more needles but still.......

Since Mother Nature has handed us more warm weather I built myself a knitting stand. I can't bear to put this heavy woolly stuff in my lap but it needs to get done so I've got it in a Chewy flat box on top of the pile so it can stay just where it is while I work on it. From top to bottom: Big Gray Blob, Bon Amie and Ridarri. If I just get a few rows on each a day I feel much better for it. 

A few rows may be asking a bit too much because as soon as I settle down someone always needs something. No complaints. He seems to be doing better everyday but I do owe my dad an apology. He did have dementia at the end but I thought he was batsh*t crazy way before then. Seeing how The Mister is behaving on those $%&$! Percocets, I'm now pretty much convinced it was Daddio's daily intake of that particular drug that created a lot of the problems we had. He lived on them-which explains a lot. 


  1. That is a VERY creative knitting stand! Good for you. It's supposed to be 85F here tomorrow and snowing by the weekend! Craziness!
    Look at The Mister! Whoo-hoo! Walking down the hall. Progress is being made. Those percocets are nasty. That's what my OB/GYN gave me after each C-section. I was so glad to stop taking them when I got home.
    Take care of yourself too.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Hoping the Mister is healing quickly. Percocets are like speed for me - the one time I took them I was up all night cleaning stuff! Crazy!!

  3. Glad to hear the mister is improving - Sorry about the hot weather. You need to move north - we woke up to FROST this morning! Good thing I got the last of my bulbs in! (though they say we may his 80 degrees on Tuesday)

  4. Thankfully, I didn’t have much pain from my knee surgery, just lots of swelling, so I didn’t take much medication other than Tylenol.

  5. I'm glad to hear you're both doing better! Bill had an aunt who was 'crazy' for 7 years; when she went off valium she enjoyed another 20 years of sanity--those kind of pills are only good for a few days and then stop!!!!!