Friday, October 20, 2023

A Hard Days Night


6:15 am. Knitting in the waiting room. They took The Mister back and now I have to wait until they get him ready before I can go back and see him off.

7:30 am. Waiting for the doctor to show up. He's been given a cupful of pills so he's feeling no pain. The anesthesiologist is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. He can sedate me anytime. 

8:00 am. I'm not waiting for hours in a waiting room so I'm out in the car listening to my audio book and working on the Big Gray Blob. I think I've got the body ribbing finished-for the second time. Now I need the courage to bind it off. 

9:00 am. I brought Button Eyed Kitty with me to work on too. I've got a lot of background fill to do. I also might admit to crawling in the back seat for a nap. Back seats are not what they used to be. It was not comfortable.

10:30 am. The Mister's in recovery and I'm now working on the other sock while we wait. He's grumpy and not following directions. I can already see this is going to be a long couple of weeks ahead with Mr Ants in the Pants Know it All. 

12:30 pm. The Mister's got the all clear to go home. When they took out the IV's and taped him up I mentioned that purple was Taylor Swift's favorite color. The nurse took her marker and put the number 13 on it which is Taylor's favorite number. The Mister is a long time Swifty so he got a big kick out it. 

1:30 pm. Back at home. I packed this pitiful thing in ice and then had to go get his prescriptions and of course, they didn't have his pain meds in stock. I've got enough leftovers here from his hip surgery to get him through the night but I guess I'll be back on the road tomorrow to pick up another prescription since you have to hand carry narcotics-if the doctor ever calls me back, that is. I also have the visiting nurse AND the therapist to deal with in the morning. Ouf. 

10:00 pm. The doctor never called me back about the pain meds. Grrr.... I'm done in. My day started at 4 am. I've wrangled a loopy Mister all evening. Every time I turn around he's doing something he's not supposed to be doing and now I've broken into my stash of comfort food. Potato chips and Twizzlers always cures what ails me. If it gets much worse I'm going to have to break out the booze. 


  1. Aw, my best wishes to you both….(I would go straight to wine if I were you). XXOO, V.

  2. Hang in there. Mine recently had foot surgery and felt the need to climb a ladder the next day chasing a raccoon that got into the space above our bedroom. I know how you feel.

  3. I hope the night improved from here! Nap when you can!

  4. Glad the surgery is all over, now you just have to get through the next few weeks. Men are NOT the best patients are they? Praying for you both.
    Blessings and hugs,