Friday, September 27, 2013


The driveway is starting to look like this.

Which means I have the urge to be doing a lot of this.

This is an ancient bag of Gulf Coast fleece that needs to be a pair of tropical colored socks. I can see myself spinning them in the dead of winter.

I love putting a pot of fleece out to soak. It takes very little work but I feel like I've accomplished something grand.

What I have actually done is make poop soup. Don't worry, I use a lot of hand cleaner.

I wonder what the wild life thinks of the little pot of yuck I leave out in the back overnight. I can just see a raccoon lifting the lid for a peek and coming away mighty disappointed.


  1. I can seem him lifting the lid too! Just heard that HOly Water in churches has ecoli bacteria in it, often. Just think even HOLY water is a bit poopy

  2. Mmm poop soup - what raccoon wouldn't love that?