Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Resolution Fulfilled

My knitting resolution this year had nothing to do with making stuff but rather wearing the stuff I have already made. This week I am proud to say I managed to put on and walk around in three of my most wearable handknits. From top to bottom: Classic Lines Cardigan (love), Central Park Hoodie (kinda love), and my Palette Cardigan (would die for).
I've still got more where these came from so let's see how well I do next week.


  1. They are beautiful! I have longed for the Central Park Hoodie but know I would look like an upholstered easy chair in it. Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. I should have made that knitting resolution too! Your knits are so nice.

  3. I've been wearing more of my warm woolies too - it's a good feeling!