Monday, January 30, 2012

The Winter that Wasn't

I know this is a bit too early to be calling this winter a dud, but the little snowman that sits on my stoop is looking a bit out of place among all the greenery.

The camellias are already blooming....

and so is the vinca.

The kale is still looking pretty tasty...

and so is the Swiss chard. All I need is some olive oil and garlic and I've got dinner right out of the garden-in January?


  1. We hardly have any snow here also...but still a bit more than you! And I wanted to use those snowshoes I got for Christmas!
    But I am very surprised about your garden.

  2. You sure do have a lot more snow than we do. We can measure it by the flake this year and you have more than your alpacas care to walk through! Lucky you!

  3. It's snowing here now - but tomorrow it's going to rain and melt.
    No flowers for me though - but in between snows I noticed my lawn is unusually green for this time of year!