Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knit Night: Just the Three of Us

I suppose everyone had a good excuse for not coming out tonight but we missed them all the same. Even though there was only three in "our" group, our corner filled up just the same. There were pretty Valentine socks on the needles tonight.

There was also a spectacular beaded bag around someone's neck. I never asked what was in the bag but the earphones offer up a bit of a clue. I need to make one of these. It's in the queue for summer.

The bag owner was working on some teeny tiny leaves for a baby gift tonight. It seems that there is a mobile in need of leaves. I want to see the whole thing. Don't you?

She was also wearing those green socks I have photographed in progress so many times. You could shovel snow in those socks. Too bad we don't have any.

We were trying to figure out the construction of this short row scarf. I think we got it. At least someone got it. I just pretended. I can't talk or think knit. I just do it and don't bother to ask me how-I don't know.

I brought along the Modern Lodge Pullover. I didn't do much with it because I was getting too close to the end of this sleeve and I didn't want to have to unknit the excess tomorrow.

I did manage to get one repeat of the Kide Shawl done in spite of sitting next to this major distraction. That is one gorgeous bag.

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