Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Knit Night

Knit Night was on its usual Wednesday, but I was too tired to blog that night. I returned to work this week and I had managed to only get about 5 hours sleep in the past 72 hours. My brain was on retirement time. It wouldn't believe me when I told it I had to get up at 6. I don't even remember driving to the shop. I just remember plopping down for the evening next to this glorious carton of Noro.

When the knitting buddies arrived with their holiday goodies I began to wake up. Someone had a Knit Picks mitten kit. I LOVE Knit Pick kits. I own too many to ever knit in my lifetime.

Someone else showed up with giant needles and extreme yarn. Love. It.

The other extreme was the teeny tiny needle and beads. I was too tired to even think about it. My eyes (and my camera) couldn't focus tonight.

I had brought my ugly faux Noro to work on. Someone showed up wearing a real one. I was shamed.

There were pretty socks and a pretty sock bag.

A giant soon-to-be-felted stocking emerged. I want to see this finished.

I feel bad sometimes that our little group takes up space in the shop but rarely buys anything. Tonight, everyone seemed to buy something.

Brand new yarn got wound.

There was oohing and aahing over a hat knit by someone's mom. In my sleepy dream state I was feeling very grateful for such a lovely bunch of friends to knit with. I also promised myself that when I get a real paycheck again, I will be buying stuff too.

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