Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seriously, WTH?

Whew. I am finally home from an unexpected snowcation. Yesterday morning, after consulting the local weather, Daddio and I took some things up to my sister's who lives about 70 miles north. Those 70 miles made a BIG difference because the drizzle turned into a seriously scary snowstorm about 10 miles from our destination. I drove those last miles in white knuckled fear as the roads were one big skating rink.

The snow kept falling all day in between bouts of ice. It was surreal. There was no choice but to spend the night and wait for the Sunday sun to do it's job on the roads.

Looking on the bright side, Sister and I got some quilting done and once the roads were clear the next morning, we all had a nice breakfast at a local inn. After driving just a few miles out of my sister's little town, Daddio and I made the rest of our way home in the splendor of a gorgeous fall day without a hint of the white stuff anywhere. It was all so weird.

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