Friday, October 21, 2011

October Spin Along

This month my Yarnspinner's Tales Ravelry group is concentrating on improving our plying skills. Following directions, I took my woolen spun Icelandic singles from last month and plied them with some thinner singles so it would be easier to count the twists per inch. I used some thin Corriedale singles that I had spun during the Tour de Fleece.

We measured and tied off half yards and then tried to get the same number of TPI's in each section by counting the treadle pushes. I found that it was the nature of the single and not the treadle pushes that gave me the most consistent numbers. For instance, if I had a thick section I would have to push more and a thinner section, less, to get the same amount of twist. The twist always traveled better in consistently thin areas and stopped dead in a section that was underspun. Hmmmm...It seems I need to work on more consistent singles if I want more consistently plied yarn.
Next up is Navajo plying with some woolen singles. I have a very long history of bad Navajo plying so this should be interesting.

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