Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crafty People

I know I have been going on and on about Daughter's weekend wedding but I have a few loose ends that I'd like to share. We owe a debt of gratitude to so many talented people who added all the finishing touches on a magical weekend.

First, I need to give a big thank you to Wonderland Papers for having the patience to do and re-do our seating chart several times. This is just the first proof. The final version was a work of art.

Next, I would like to thank Rachel Carl and Co. for her amazing calligraphy work on the invitations. When I opened the box, her work literally took my breath away.

I wish I could thank the craft people that made the personalized wedding hangers on Etsy. Bride to Be had some gifted and had bought some herself. Unfortunately, since I didn't buy them I don't have their shop names but they were all beautiful.

Cush from Etsy provided the lovely vintage embroidered hankie that I carried into the chapel in the event that I dissolved into tears. I didn't. I am happy to report that the hankie is still as pretty as ever. My tears came much later as tears of relief.

ilLUMIEnate provided the large wedding table luminaries that provided the inspiration for me to make my own smaller versions for the rehearsal dinner from stamped velum. I love this idea and have plans for lots of holiday versions. I also LOVE the clear plastic stamps that I used from Micheals. You can see through them so lining up images is easy.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my sister, Sandy, who took a couple of bags of grocery store flowers and some cheap tin pots and made centerpieces that were prettier than any of the more expensive versions in the refrigerated flower cases.

Choosing You
provided the gorgeous monogrammed letters for the reception hall door.

Shary, the talented pastry chef at Milton Ridge not only made a delicious and beautiful gluten free wedding cake but also made the groom a red velvet armadillo cake that was amazing in all its little details. He was too cute to cut but unfortunately he was also quite tasty so he didn't last long.

Finally, I owe lots of gratitude to the good people at Paper Source for having the experience and patience to work with a frazzled mother of the bride to create paper goods that were truly memorable. One of my fondest memories of the whole wedding experience was therainy day we all worked together in an assembly line to put together the programs and favor boxes.
Our bank account is certainly relieved the wedding is behind us-but for her father and I the experience was priceless.

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