Saturday, October 17, 2009

While I'm Away.....

Barring any unforeseen circumstances (H1N1 comes to mind) I should be roaming around the grounds of the New York Sheep and Wool Festival today. While I am off having a mild nervous breakdown due to sensory overload I am sharing my latest FO with those of you who have not hopped on a plane, train or automobile to join the East Coast Fiber Frenzy. My latest spin-as-I-go adventure (disaster) was yet another pair of socks. As you can see, the carefully hand painted Gulf Coast roving, once split for spindling, decided to take on quite a life of its own. I tried, in vain, to make sure I was evenly dividing up the light and dark but Miss Second Sock is woefully pale and GREEN. I even tried some frogging with redistribution of the yarn with no real noticible change. No matter. My favorite wear-around-the-house socks are now full of holes after 2 years of hard wear and several darnings and sadly need to be retired. My new little sibling socks will be just fine and dandy stuffed into slippers and tucked under flannel PJs.

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