Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tiny Needle Detour

 I sat down to stitch Sunday morning and had a technical difficulty. The fabric on the back of my little sheep sampler was driving me crazy. I love the grime catcher that I use for the big sheep sampler so I thought I would christen the new sewing room with a simple project.

 I found a tutorial on YouTube.

Then I picked some fabric from my now nicely displayed fabric stash. I'm finally done and all the bits and bobs fit on the two shelves I had claimed for them. It does make such a difference when you can actually see what you own.

In no time I had a mini grime catcher ready to tuck all that extra fabric into......

.... and the alphabet done.

I didn't get the words started like I had planned but I did get some of the tiny trees stitched on this sampler. Soon it will be back to the Sheep Virtues for July.
Where did June go?


  1. Your fabric stash is amazing! I'm ashamed to say mine isn't nearly as organized. I really like how you've displayed it!

  2. That is awesome.

    Hard to believe July is already knocking at the door.

  3. June has flown by! Love your mini bolts on the shelf! So cute.

  4. Yes June went by in a flash:) Your shelves are so pretty!

  5. Well, I always learn the best things on your blog! I've been doing counted cross stitch and hand embroidery for over fifty years and have never heard of a grime catcher! Genius! Grime catchers and fabric folding boards - is it sad that I'm so excited about these things?

  6. Nice job! Your fabric looks great wrapped into small bolts. Do you worry about sun/light fading? I keep my stash on shelves in a closet.

    1. Nothing I make is really "heirloom" quality so a little fading isn't a problem for these scraps. I do keep my pricey quilt kits in their original boxes on a top shelf in a downstairs room.

  7. Your sheep now have such wonderful grime lawn. Love the trees!

  8. June really has whizzed by oddly fast. Your fabric stash is beautiful and sort of makes me want to take up quilting. And your cross stitching... Oh! I love that little sheep design!

  9. Love how you are storing your fabric. It is so pretty and cheerful. Had never heard of a grime catcher until you purchased one a few weeks ago. How neat that you have now christened the new sewing room and made a small grime catcher. I wrote the date this morning and was shocked to realize that in six months it will be Christmas Day.

  10. Love the look of the shelves! Very clever job on the grime catcher mini! Hanging on the rest of the days of June!

  11. I love how you organized your fabric stash. They look so pretty and now you can "shop" your own store. I love doing that with my yarn.
    I can't believe it's almost the 4th of July!

  12. No No June cannot be over. It just got nice. I saw a beautiful Ram yesterday. I have to go take his photo bc your Herwick? reminds me of him