Saturday, June 29, 2019

Blooms and Bathrooms

 First the blooms. I noticed just yesterday that the yard is in color.

 Not only are the hostas in full bloom but my poor hydrangea has decided to produce flowers again after pouting for the past few years when we gave her a trim.

 My black-eyed Susans are about to do their thing too.

 My poor pots are empty. I usually fill them up with impatiens but I never got around to it. Now it's too blazing hot to even think about it. I just hid them under the hostas.

 As for the bathroom, here is the aftermath of the downstairs re-do. Cardboard and paper is everywhere. Pup is really sick of watching us make a mess.  It was a quick fix to add some new cabinets to an empty little downstairs bathroom that serves as my dog grooming salon for the most part.

I was beside myself with joy when I discovered Ikea gave me an itty bitty screwdriver with this kit. I love it. It's going right where I can always find it because I am always looking for a screwdriver.

Ta two new cabinets. There were glitches. There was cussing...but they got finished. I also love the new Ikea shower curtain you can see in the mirror. This bathroom is almost too good for just the dog now.


  1. The bathroom is really pretty! Liana

  2. I think cussing comes with everything from Ikea. :)
    Love the material of the curtains.

  3. The bathroom really does look wonderful; a trip to Ikea for a new shower curtain (and a few other things I don't know about yet) is in my future!
    One of my favorite things was a pencil-sized screwdriver with a Phillips head at one and and a regular at the other. Now, alas, lost.

  4. That hydrangea is beautiful and your bathroom! Oh my! I really like your new cabinets and the peek at the shower curtain. It brightens the room up doesn't it? So pretty and clean.

  5. You made fast work of the bathroom-just so modern and pretty now! The hostas are simple but I do enjoy their blooms! Glad the hydrangea is over his miff!

  6. Your flowers and your bathroom are looking great!

  7. Looks great.

    I'm not sure my hydrangea is going to bloom this year. :-( Lots of green, no buds yet.

  8. What a lovely little redo!
    Your blooms are beautiful!

  9. Beautiful bathroom! And hydrangeas! They are probably my favorite floral bush.