Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Bobbin Wonder

I just noticed that I have a lot of this one-bobbin thing going on around here. It seems I get all gung ho about a spinning project and then too often forget about it and go on to something else.

This Shetland is lovely. I washed and dyed it myself and then abandoned it.

Princess Kate has got to be ready for next year's Sheep and Wool Fest but the panic won't set in until February. Then I'll spin up a storm.

I spent more time cranking out this crazy batt then I did spinning it.

Then there are the spindles that never even got that far. I started this project on my way home from Rhinebeck. In 2009.

I can tell you the projects that I had in mind when I started these two but it really doesn't matter anymore.

How long do singles have to stay on a spindle before you are allowed to just wind it off and move on?

You may wonder, when we just had a monster hurricane tear through town, why I am going on about spindles. This is a pre-post. I am probably still hiding in the downstair's closet weeping as you read this so I have written this post in advance just in case we lose power (I lose my mind) for a few days (weeks).


  1. That's a lot of spindles. Hope Irene calms down for you!

  2. lol, just read all your wrenching descriptions of Irene and then the pre post cracked me up.
    I would love to know how to use a spindle.
    I live in Florida where Hurricanes are more prevalent yet no less scary. Sorry you lost your walnut tree. I'd have cried all day too after the storm.