Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Loot

I almost forgot to mention the things that I am the most excited to have bought this week-my Harmony wood buttons. They are perfect for my soon to be February Lady Sweater. At $1.99 for a pack of 2 they are a real bargain. I did not even know they existed until I heard someone talking about them on a podcast this week. They arrived with my Harmony Options circular needle set which I promptly put to work on the Gull Stitch pattern that makes up the body and sleeves of this sweater. I have to admit I am very nervous about this whole screw in needle stuff. I have heard horror stories about them unscrewing and leaving you with a lap full of loose ends but you can't beat the convenience of having all the sizes you need in one small bag. I am too impatient these days to go searching through the house for needles that seem to always be missing their partners. Of course there is no guarantee I'll actually keep these in their little zippered case either.


  1. You'll fall in love with the interchangeable needles. I heard Addi Turbos have developed some. I think they are named Addi Click or something like that. The sweater looks great. I love the color brown and all shades thereof.

  2. Thanks! The colors I like to knit and the colors I like to wear are two different things so I am hoping this sweater doesn't end up in the closet with all the other "fun" knits!