Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Laugh

Here is my very first scarf, hot off my new Ashford Knitter's Loom. I know it is really awful looking. Using my knitter's brain, I totally choose the wrong yarn for my first project. I wanted something with interesting color variations. I should have picked up one of the bazillion balls of sock yarn I have in my stash. Instead I picked up some ancient Patons hand-dyed which is a very lightly twisted wool that got all fuzzy when the shuttle passed through it. The warp actually broke when I increased the tension on the roller things. It seems you really need two different kinds of yarn to weave with. A strong slick one to warp the loom and something a little more textured to weave with. When I came to the end I remembered the loosey goosey way I wove at the beginning, so thinking I was being clever, I tried to replicate the look so it would seem like I did it on purpose. As you see, it looks terrible. This thing isn't going out the house anyway, so I should have spent the time warping the yarn I bought yesterday to make a real scarf.


  1. My first attempt didn't look any better! :) I really enjoy my knitters loom, and I hope you enjoy yours as well.

  2. I am really starting to love it. I just bought a ton of weaving yarn off ebay!

  3. Well it all looks very difficult, so I'm just going to be impressed that you finished the damn thing!