Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rubber Sole

Just in case you might want to see what 20 pairs of flip flops look like, here they are.

Happily, this pile is missing the four pair I have already made. Four down and sixteen to go.

Each pair take only about a half hour to make. That's a lot of cute for very little work.
I am using a free handout I found at AC Moore: Flower Flip Flops by Lion Brand Yarn. You can find it online here.
I modified the patten a bit by crocheting the yarn onto the straps with a slip stitch instead of wrapping and gluing it as in the pattern. I also am tying on the flower instead of gluing it. I am not a big fan of glue. In my experience, things always fall off.


  1. Is there a pattern or website on how to do this? It looks like something my girls would love!

  2. Ooops....sorry about that. I added the link to the site!