Monday, October 3, 2011

Charlie's Welcome Set

I really stretched my knitting knowledge getting all these cute little things done for Daughter's friend's baby to be. The shawl collar on the Baby Sophisticate has wrap and turn short rows which I am terrible at. It was a good refresher course. Now that I have conquered the fearsome part, I can say it was a very nice pattern and nice patterns for baby boys are hard to come by.

The Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat and Christine's Booties have i-cord which I am also pretty terrible at. The hat is adorable-I love the umbilical cord top- but I am not so sure about sizing. It's been a long time since I have seen an actual baby. I was using a grapefruit as my size guide.

I am happy to report I am a much better i-corder now because of the 19 inches of 3 stitch cord I made (and remade) for each bootie. Thanks Charlie, for all the fun. Here's wishing you a safe landing in the not too distant future!

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