Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stash and Trash

First we have The Trash. When the family saw what I was doing, someone went and got me the BIGGEST trash bag in the house in anticipation of some serious down sizing. I just inherited some nice plastic bins and some cabinets from Daughter's NYC move so I decided to finally get around to organizing my mountain of yarn. In spite of all my best intentions, I only managed to part with some partial skeins of yucky stuff that I have no idea why I own in the first place.

Now for The Stash. This is JUST my sock yarn. I have enough for 40 pairs. I have no excuse other than it was all over the house so I had no idea how much I actually had. It seems I can put that sock yarn obsession to rest for a very long while.


  1. Nice post! Love your blog.


  2. It looks like you have enough to keep you busy when you retire - and then some.

  3. Buying sock yarn is like eating potato chips.. it's so very hard to stop once you get started!

    (I did a massive cleaning lately, too, and while it's daunting to actually haul out the entire stash to see what you've got, isn't it just wonderful to have things cleaned up and organized again?)

  4. I just got another package of sock yarn in the mail today. I can't believe it. I must be ordering it in my sleep!