Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Funday

It is going on week two of The Mister's vacation and he is seriously starting to make me CRAZY. Everyday it's the same: get in the car and go somewhere as soon as possible. Add that to The Daughter's recent medical woes and I am WORN OUT. Brain on overload. I am taking advantage of this brief moment while he is taking his morning ride to the hardware/grocery store ALONE to lay out some of my projects hoping to entice my poor brain to seek comfort in the finishing of certain UFO's that should be calling my name but sadly are not. Case in point, my beautiful little CPH that is NOT getting it's hood. I'm going with the collar variation due to the lack of desire to look like an elf. Family stop giggling. I know that you know that looking like an elf (or a hobbit for that matter) is ordinarily not something I try to avoid, but the idea of wrestling with a hood that I will never use is looking pretty good right now while I am struggling with a bad case of the summertime blues.


  1. Love that green, is that the one we picked out that day with dad? I think it will look nice with just a collar but I think it would look really nice with a hood too. Besides elves are cute little things, not sure about the hobbits though.

  2. Yes, that is the green you helped me pick out. I really love it. Now if it only fits.....