Wednesday, July 1, 2009


That Midsummer Night's scarf that nearly drove me to a nervous breakdown over spring break is finally DONE. Yes. D.O.N.E! It was a nightmare to warp and I gave up so many times I actually had to fish the cone of 8/2 orlon out of the trash. I'm happy that I did because I really love it. It's so thin and light and sparkly. It turned out exactly how I imagined. There are a few boo boos in the weave. The gold thread was missed a few times leaving some loops but I am willing to live it with. I am also not in love with the fringe and in the days to come may take the scissors and cut it off for a straight hem but for now I am not nearly brave enough. My only real disappointment was that it turned out to be a scarf instead of the wrap I intended it to be.


  1. Sew some pockets on that thing and you've got a great reading over the shoulder wrap. This way you can keep your book and glasses in one spot.

  2. Good idea. I can never find my glasses.