Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All I Need is More Whorled Fleece

I know I have to have my head examined for this but I just had to have a genuine George Tabachek Russian spindle in order to further frustrate and confuse myself in those increasingly rare moments I have all to myself. After watching a demo on Spindlicity I went on a mad hunt for one that took me pretty much nowhere for a long time. If you Google "russian spindle" you quickly find The Wheel Thing where you can find oodles and oodles of them-that are already sold. Newbie spinner that I am, I thought that I did not really need one of this quality but the selection out there in internet land is slim to none. So back to these beauties I went. I studied the available ones very carefully until one stood out among the others. Meet R8 Cherry and her cute little spinning cup which is purchased separately. I get a big kick out of going to the website and seeing her picture with the words SOLD on it.

The website is very upfront about us newbies needing all the help we can get so for an extra $3 you can get a nifty little guide that shows how fun it will be to learn to spin with my new little friend. Here is one of the illustrations from the guide. See the spinning lady is smiling. That's all the assurance I need to give it a try.

And even if Russian Spindles are not your thing take a look at this site anyway. I have never seen so much great spinning stuff in one place.

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