Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something to Celebrate

It is very fitting that I am posting the last of the Phat Fiber Fluff Box purchases arrival on the very day that I managed to purchase ANOTHER fluff box! It was a total last minute impulse. I had planned on sitting out this month as I am really not interested in starting a relationship with non-sheepy fiber when I presently have a house packed with sheepy goodness. Then for some dumb reason I watched the July preview video on the Phat Fiber website and I was hooked. All that silky fiber in those incredible colors called to me all night. It invaded my dreams and at 5:30 Eastern Time I was up and ready to start refreshing and scrolling my brains out. At exactly 10:01 I was the proud owner of another box that comes with my personal promise to purchase from at least 3 of the contributing vendors. I certainly did not have a problem with my last box. I couldn't seem to stop buying stuff. The lesson learned however, was to order quickly or else like the sample boxes themselves, the good stuff is gone in a flash. This adorable little glitzy batt from All Twisted Up was the ONLY sample that I could actually purchase from my first box. Happily it was my number one choice. I loved the subtle colors with the touch of sparkle. Looking at their Etsy site is very dangerous for my bank account. I want it all.


  1. Hey, now I finally know what a batt is. Still not sure why it's called a batt, but I'm sure I'll find out eventually. I see what you mean about the colors, they really are nice and those sparkles just add a little something extra. I can't wait to see what you make with it. Have you tried adding sparkles to the yarn you've been doing yourself?

  2. Stay tuned for a post about adding sparkles. Wait until you see what I found on ebay!