Monday, March 10, 2014

A Victory of Sorts

Yesterday I could look out my kitchen window and see newly spun yarn drying in the sun. It felt good.

It felt particularly good because it was that fiber I had been carrying around all week that needed to become a shawl in a month.

I managed to collect this amount of singles so I dedicated pretty much the whole day yesterday to getting it plied.

It is a long, tedious process. After listening to all NPR had to offer, I had to start a new audiobook to keep me going.

What I thought was a puny bit of singles turned out to be an enormous amount of yarn. I ran out of room on the bobbin.

I had this much leftover and I put it away for just in case.

Now the countdown begins for the shawl. I foresee some long nights ahead.


  1. Great job! You made this very quickly on the spindle! Time to cast on!

  2. Really gorgeous yarn for your shawl!

  3. That is so beautiful!