Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock and Roll

Excuse me Miss Araignee, what are you doing sitting in the driveway in the middle of the afternoon?

Knitting, of course.

Far away from the house and the giant trees that surround our house. I'm not going back in there.

Moments before, I was just sitting down with a nice cup of tea to take a knit break. The fish tank started to slosh. Stuff was hitting the floor. An evil rumble filled the house and my head.

Grab the old dog, grab the knitting and haul ass out the door then proceed to get completely hysterical. I needed someone to slap me. It was awful. It was horrible. It was, hopefully, my first and last earthquake.


  1. You've certainly got some nice scenery from your driveway!

  2. ME TOO!!! I was on the 2nd floor with my oldest child. Accused her of jumping on the bed. When she met me in the hallway and I realized she wasn't jumping I freaked out. Shoved her down the stairs screaming "get out of the house! get out of the house!" I seriously thought our house was collapsing. It wasn't until I was outside and felt the earth moving under my feet that I realized what was going on. I have felt aftershocks 2 nights this week (around 1 am). I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!

    Hope you stay safe from Irene!