Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour de Fleece: Let the Spin Begin

After a day of preparation, I finally have enough fiber ready to spin. I have not one but two projects going. Jacob on the Traveler and Corriedale on the Ladybug. I am ashamed to say that is last year's unfinished TdF project on the Traditional in the background.

While watching on day one I combed one more basket's worth of pretty Jacob nests and ...

... cranked out one more Jacob batt made from the combing scraps on the drum carder.

Once I got started on the Jacob it was hard to stop spinning as watching the colors change is quite addicting. As for the is...white. Lots and lots of white. Last year I spun lots and lots of white Cormo locks and it was not a lot of fun and it is still not finished. I should have dyed all those white Corrie locks. I may still.

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