Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plied or Plyed?

I never know how to use the word ply as a verb in it's different conjugations correctly. Is it with a y or an i? I see it used both ways all over the place. This is the TdF Jacob that I ply(i)ed two different ways and I was surprised at what a difference it made in the finished product. I never give much thought to ply(i)ng, I just stick two yarns together and spin-never really thinking about how much twist is going in as long as the resulting yarn seems sort of balanced and looks OK.

The skein on the left has very little twist and it is knitting up into a very soft fluffy shawl. The skein on the right is more dense and the resulting yarn from the very same singles is much thinner. I know for experienced spinners this is a "duh" moment but for me it was completely "ah ha".

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